Types of web hosting and how to choose the best hosting service for your business

We understand your curiosity to get your website online and start selling your products or services there, share the world of your stories or just share some pictures / locked and experience with family and friends. Before you start taking Flash, read our posts about the type of web hosting service and get an understanding of the pro and cons of each. All hosting services are not distributed evenly. There is nothing better than others, they are specific to your needs. They all have advantages and disadvantages. But a convincing hosting plan is more suitable for certain types of websites. This will base on the traffic you are looking for, the security you will need and your data storage needs.

Before deciding on your last steps or giving your head, wait a moment because you have great products and a great marketing plan, so how do you specify your website’s success or failure? In short, if you choose the wrong plan, even though you can make changes in the future, they can be expensive [you will disappear with credibility etc.]. Consider that typical internet users are very inconsistent. They look for instant results and if your site has a problem because your site is hosted on unbelievable providers; You have selected plans that do not provide adequate transfer bandwidth or memory storage, then you will be responsible for reducing your customer base. If your requirements are low for example if you only post Managed WordPress some family photos or online events then you will not need a lot of bandwidth or disk space. So why is that? Some hosting is very affordable and even free depends on your application choices. The selection of the wrong type of hosting can determine the growth or failure of your business. First analysis of the type of hosting you need and then disconnect which side needs to be moved.

What is web hosting?

Before we start discussing these topics on hosting that you should choose from we will start by explaining what web hosting and why it is needed. Very simple to decipher. When you get a domain name from a famous domain name provider, you need to park or host the domain by selecting the server room on the web. Required because when you upload all your website data online, you need that space. The reason is very simple because your website has all the request data that comes in and out like a data base request, files that download / upload etc. so you need to have a web room to organize all this. It’s not much different from how your computer works, only your files on your website will be available for anyone online. Just like your computer has a file on your hard drive, your website has files on your server. When someone accesses your website, they can see your files. Website is a set of files / data shared on the internet and web hosting providers are a company that holds or saves your files in a way that is available online [Therefore a must for a web server to be available for 24 hours if you want to look always]. Based on the type of web hosting package you choose, you will be given a standard number of bandwidth and storage space.

What is the bandwidth on web hosting?

What is the storage room?

You definitely need to understand this bandwidth first because based on this, you will be able to decide what you need on a web server. The basic understanding of bandwidth can save time and money I.e. This is a small investment from your side in holding it.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that your site will authorize. You will use a number of bandwidth, or transfer data every time someone visits your site. So to calculate the number of bandwidth you need to say your website is only one page. Maybe it won’t be, but it will give you a basic understanding. If the file size of this web page is said to be 10K and you will expect 1,000 visitors a month. Then the bandwidth or the data transfer limit will be 10MB. The bandwidth available for your site will also be different.